Establish an Enterprise ID

All students may obtain their Enterprise ID by following the instructions below.

International Students cannot register for classes until they have arrived on campus and checked in with the Office of International Services.

You will need an Enterprise ID and password in order to login, register for classes, make address changes, review grades, and request transcripts as well as access other services. Please follow the steps below to obtain your Enterprise ID and password:

  1. You are required to have an activated UIC Net ID and password.
  2. To activate your UIC Net ID you need the following:
    • University Identification Number (UIN): Listed on your admissions letter as an Applicant ID.
    • Social Security Number (SSN): If you did not submit a Social Security number during your application process, you were assigned a Temporary Control Number. This number is listed on your admissions letter. If it wasn't listed on your admissions letter, then please contact the Registration Helpline at (312) 996-8600.
    • Date of Birth
  3. Establishing your Net ID:
    Complete the Net ID Activation step. If you have any problems establishing your Net ID, contact the ACCC Help Desk at (312) 413-0003 or
  4. Establishing your Enterprise ID:

    Claim your Enterprise ID
    Click Login. You will be prompted for your Net ID.
    Click Enter. You will be prompted for your Net ID password.
    You will be provided your Enterprise ID. In many cases this will be identical to your Net ID. There may be occasions where the Net ID and the Enterprise ID will be different and you will need to know both depending on which system you wish to access.

  5. Establishing your Enterprise password:
    Once your Enterprise ID is displayed, you will need to establish an Enterprise ID password. There are specific rules on how passwords should be created listed on the website. The password creator will not allow unauthorized passwords.
  6. You will need to remember the following IDs and passwords:
    • UIC Net ID and password (established via ACCC)
    • Enterprise ID and password for use with Student Self-Service System

Why do I need to do this?
Once you have completed step 6, you will have two IDs and two passwords. They may appear the same depending on how your IDs and passwords were established, but they have very different purposes. Campus-specific services are managed separately from University-wide services and require unique authentication scripts.
The first one (Net ID) allows you to access campus specific sites and services - such as email and Blackboard. (Usually these sites are designated by campus domains –; or The second (Enterprise ID) allows you to access the University-wide administrative system for official records, for example Student Services, Financial Aid or Billing. (Usually these sites are designated with the domain.)

I followed the directions and I still need HELP!
Call the AITS Service Desk at (312) 996-4806 (UIC), or send an email to and provide the following information:
  1. Complete name
  2. Campus
  3. UIN (if known)
  4. Email address that you will reply to
  5. Net ID and/or Enterprise ID if you established them
  6. Phone number and hours that are best to contact you
  7. Website address where you experienced a problem