Reuse of Credentials for Admission

All credentials presented for admission become the permanent property of the University, cannot be subsequently released to the student or to another individual or institution, and cannot be held for reconsideration of admission to subsequent terms.

Copies of Transcripts from Other Institutions

What is the University of Illinois at Chicago’s (UIC’s) policy on the copying of transcripts from other institutions? 

Transcripts and other documents from other institutions are the property of UIC, and, as such are under the control of the Registrar’s Office.  Under federal policy, the student has the right to view the documents in his or her file; the university is not required to provide (or allow the making of) copies of these documents.  Transcripts submitted to UIC for admission or credit transfer become the property of UIC and cannot be returned to the student or forwarded to other institutions (Academic Catalog).

Why do UIC and most colleges and universities have a policy that does not provide for the making of copies of transcripts from other institutions? 

That’s a good question.  On the surface, a policy that allows a person to see a document without copying it may seem odd, at best.  There are, however, a number of reasons behind the policy: