Fall 2018 & Spring 2019
Online Program Tuition Guide

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Determining Tuition and Fees

  1. Calculate tuition
    • Multiply your program's per credit hour rate by the credit hours you intend to take
  2. Add applicable assessments
Undergraduate Online Programs
Online Programs per Credit Hour Academic Program Code Full cost recovery (employee tuition waiver ineligible)
BS Health Informatics entered Summer 2014 through Spring 2019$500 2PFW1505BSNUYes
BS Health Informatics entered Summer 2013 through Spring 2014$494 2PFW1505BSNUYes
BS Health Informatics entered Spring 2013 and prior$500 2PFW1505BSNUYes
BSN: Nursing RN to BSN Completion$650 2PFW1505BSNUYes
BBA: Business Administration Completion entered Summer 2018 or later$412 2PFL0079BBAUYes
BBA: Business Administration Completion entered Summer 2013 through Spring 2018$406 2PFL0079BBAUYes
LAS Online Pathways Non-Degree$318 2PFT5606NDEUYes

Graduate Online Programs
Online Programs per Credit Hour Accounts Receivable Detail Code Academic Program Code Full cost recovery (employee tuition waiver ineligible)
Advanced Community Public Health Practicioner (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$8062ONL20FY5109NDEU
Basic Community Pub Heallth Practicioner (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$8062ONL20FY5108NDEU
Bioinformatics (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7932ONL20FQ5001NDEU
CAS Health Informatics (Post-Master's IBHE Certificate)$7502ONL20FS1303CASU
CAS Health Informatics (Post-Master's IBHE Certificate) Non-Degree $7502ONL20FS1304CERU
Disaster Management (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7932ONL20FQ5557NDEU
DNP Nursing Practice-Online$7932ONL20FW5048DNPU
Dr Public Health Online Program (Non-Degree)$8302ONL20FY1631NDEU
Dr Public Health Online Program tuition$8302ONL20FY1631DRPU
Educational Research Methodology (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7932UON2PFS5208NDEUYes
Electromagnetic Engineering (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7932ONL20FQ4076NDEU
Emergency Management & Continuity Planning (Campus Certificate) Non-Degree $5802ONL2PFY5021NDEU
Engineering Law & Management (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7932ONL20FQ4077NDEU
Health Disparities Research-Online (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7302UON2PFY5447NDEUYes
Health Informatics (Post-Bacc Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7932ONL20FS4072NDEU
Master of Engineering$8432ONL20FQ1211MENU
Master of Engineering Non-Degree$8432ONL20FQ1211NDEU
Master of Health Care Administration - Executive Healthcare Administration Online (capped at 12 hours)$1,2502UON2PFS5529MHAUYes
Executive Healthcare Administration Online Non-Degree (capped at 12 hours)$1,2502UON2PFS5394NDEUYes
Master of Health Professions Educator$8302ONL20FS1306MHPU
Master of Health Professions Educator Non-Degree$8302ONL20FS1306NDEU
MED Measurement, Evalualtion, Statistics & Assessment (MESA) - Online$7932UON2PFS5106MEDUYes
MED Measurement, Evalualtion, Statistics & Assessment (MESA) - Online (Non-Degree)$7932UON2PFS5106NDEUYes
Methods for Clinical Research (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7302UON2PFS5189NDEUYes
MPH Public Health-Community Health Science - Online$8062ONL20FY1635MPHU
MPH Public Health-Health Policy & Administration - Online$7302UON2PFY1638MPHUYes
MPH Public Health-Public Health Informatics Online$7602UON2PFY4021MPHUYes
MS Comparative Effectiveness Research$7932UON2PFS5519MSUYes
MS Health Informatics$7502ONL20FS1303MSU
MS Health Informatics Non-Degree $7502ONL20FS1303NDEU
MS Patient Safety Leadership$7702UON2PFS5142MSUYes
MS Patient Safety Leadership Non-Degree$7702UON2PFS5142NDEUYes
MS Public Health Informatics Online$7602UON2PFS4021MSUYes
Public Health-Health Policy and Administration (Online) Non-Degree $7302ONL20FY1638NDEU
Public Health-Public Health Informatics (Online) Non-Degree $7602UON2PFY4021NDEUYes
Patient Safety, Error Science, & Full Disclosure (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7702UON2PFS5141NDEU
Public Health Geographic Info Systems (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$5002UON2PFY5282NDEUYes
Public Health Informatics (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7602UON2PFY4074NDEUYes
Public Health Management (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7302UON2PFY5212NDEUYes
Public Health-Health Policy and Admin (Online) Non-Degree $7302UON2PFY1638NDEUYes
School Nurse (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7932ONL20FS5025NDEU
Survey Research Methods (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7932ONL20FS5249NDEU
Teaching in Nursing (Campus Certificate) Non-Degree $7932ONL20FS5027NDEU
Wireless Communications Tech (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7932ONL20FS4078NDEU
Wireless Communications Technology (Campus Certificate Non-Degree)$7932ONL20FQ4078NDEU

Full cost recovery programs do not permit application of employee tuition waivers. See the Office of Budget and Program Analysis's website for more details.

Assessments per Semester
per Credit Hour
Library and Information Technology Assessment$18
Subtotal assessments$18


  1. In order to generate resources to improve the learning environment, a Library and Information Technology Assessment is assessed to all students.
  2. Students registered for Zero hours in an online program will be assessed at the 1 per credit hour rate.