Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

A per credit tuition rate structure is now in effect for undergraduates as of Summer 2016 and future summer semesters. See http://opmssi.uic.edu/student-success-initiatives/completed-projects/summer-session-accessibility/ for background on the efforts of the University committee empaneled to make changes to summer tuition.

Summer 2020 Semester Rates

To determine total,

  1. add tuition
  2. add applicable tuition differential
  3. add per credit hour fees and assessments
  4. add non per credit hour fees
1. Undergraduate Tuition Summer 2020
1 to 8 Hours 9 or more Credit Hours
Per Credit Hour Tuition, Differentials, Fees, and Assessments are capped at 9 hours
Undergraduate Tuition $402 $3,618

2. Undergraduate Tuition Differentials
(applies to degree & non-degree in major; undergraduate non-degree undeclared is excluded; visiting Summer Session Only students are excluded)
  Per Credit Hour (for 1 to 8 hours) Cost for 9 hours or more
Architecture, Design, & the Arts (excluding degree-seeking Undeclared majors, Art History & Integrated DEsign and Arts-IDEAS) $110 $990
Engineering $100 $900
Nursing $178 $1,602
Business Administration $104 $936
Movement Sciences/Kinesiology $44 $396
Human Nutrition $52 $468
Health Information Management $98 $882
Public Health $83 $747
Psychology, Physics, Biological Sciences, Neuroscience, Chemistry, Biochemistry, & Earth and Environmental Sciences $73 $657

3. Undergraduate per credit hour Fees
(for face to face classroom setting offerings only)
  Per Credit Hour (for 1 to 8 hours) Cost for 9 hours or more
General Fee $44 $396
Service Fee $35 $315
Health Service Fee $8 $72
Assessments per credit hour Per Credit Hour (for 1 to 8 hours) Cost for 9 hours or more
Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund $25 $225
Library and Information Technology $15 $135
Subtotal per credit hour Fees and Assessments $127 $1,143

4. Non per Credit Hour fees
(for face to face classroom setting offerings only)
  Fee for all enrolled students
ESTIMATED Health Insurance Fee. With proof of insurance, this fee can be waived. $445
  No fee if less than 6 hrs 6 hours or more
ESTIMATED CTA U Pass. Assessed for full time study defined as 6 hours or more $0 $125


  1. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice any time prior to the first day of instruction.
  2. See the Registrar web site for online tuition rate information. Go to registrar.uic.edu and select Financial Matters.
  3. In fall and spring, the Student-To-Student Assistance Program Fee and the Sustainability Fee are assessed. Neither are assessed in summer.
  4. All full time students are assessed a transportation fee for the CTA U Pass. Full time is defined as 6 or more credits hours for undergraduate and professional students. Full time is defined as 5 or more credit hours for graduate students.
  5. The transportation fee will be assessed to degree and non-degree students in the categories listed in note 4 above.
  6. Undergraduate degree seeking students entering the University in Summer 2004 or after are provided a four year tuition guarantee. The purpose of the undergraduate guaranteed tuition plan is to provide a high degree of certainty about tuition costs for students and families. The plan applies to all undergraduate students enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program on one of the three campuses of the University of Illinois. The plan treats every student as part of a cohort defined by the date of entry to the University. Each cohort is guaranteed an unchanged tuition schedule for four years. Please note that fees are subject to change annually. For details on guaranteed undergraduate tuition see usp.uillinois.edu/guaranteed_tuition/index.cfm. Senate Bill 3222 allows students whose 4 years have expired to remain in the next most recently admitted cohort for 2 years. After the four year guarantee, students move to the next most favorable cohort rate in year 5, stay there for year 6. See ilga.gov/legislation/ and search for SB 3222.
  7. Tuition differentials are applied to non-degree students in major specific non-degree program codes.
  8. In order to generate resources to improve the learning environment, a Library and Information Technology Assessment is assessed to all students. For students at less than full-time enrollment the assessment is pro-rated according to tuition range calculations.
  9. CLINIC INFRASTRUCTURE ASSESSMENT. In order to generate resources to improve the learning environment, ensure the availability of contemporary technology, and support clinical patient care learning experiences, the Clinic Education Fee has been replaced with a Clinic Infrastructure Assessment (CIA). The CIA is assessed to students in the DMD and DMD Advanced Standing programs each semester.
  10. College of Medicine Disability Insurance Fee is assessed once a year in fall and covers the cost of disability insurance which ensures a student has a source of income should they become disabled during medical school. In the event a medicine student loses their ability to practice medicine in the future, this insurance also provides income to offset the financial loss.
  11. Zero credit-only courses are assessed at the one-hour resident rate for undergraduates in summer.
  12. International Student Fee. $130 in fall and spring; $65 summer. The University has an international student fee for all international students attending UIC. The fee will allow the Office of International Services to continue to provide essential services, upgrade technologies used for student advising, increase programming options, and host cultural events to increase and expand upon the “UIC Experience.”


  1. Students who officially withdraw from the University by the first Wednesday of classes in the 4-week Summer Session 1 and the first Sunday of the 8 week Summer Session 2 will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. See Refund Schedule for full the refund schedule. Assessed tuition, the service, and general fees are refunded on a pro-rata basis less $50 in a Campus Care Sudent Health Insurance Withdrawal Fee.
  2. The Health Service and Health Insurance Fees are nonrefundable after the online drop and add period for a part of term.
  3. Pro Rata refund schedule: Refund Schedule