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Regulations for Use of Classroom Facilities

The following regulations are applicable to all organizations using UIC facilities. Additional information about safety and other applicable rules and regulations are available at the Campus Unions Reservations Office located in room 214, Student Center East and room 242, Student Center West. Organizations that are granted permission to use the University facilities will be expected to comply with all applicable University rules and regulations and city, state, and federal laws. These rules and regulations shall include the following:

Organizations shall pay all usual and customary charges established by the University for the use of facilities and of equipment and services related thereto. Regardless of whether they are subject to payment of a basic rental fee, all organizations will be assessed charges for extra services, such as set-ups, additional furniture, or transportation, and will be assessed charges for identifiable increments to the University’s operations and maintenance expenses brought about by the use of the facilities. The University reserves the right to require advance payment of all or any portion of a charge associated with a reservation request.

The organization, its officers, and any individual applying to reserve space on behalf of the organization are responsible for the condition of the facilities used and the use to which they are put during the time reserved. The organization and such persons shall be responsible for all damages to or misappropriation by any guests, invitees, or non-member attendees, and shall reimburse the University for any such damage or loss. No organization other than the reserving organization may use the facilities reserved.

The organization using University facilities shall be responsible for exercising due care and reasonable control to ensure the safety and protection of persons and property at the event, and it shall cooperate with and comply with University efforts to ensure the same. This shall include all reasonable efforts to ensure compliance with University rules and regulations pertaining to such safety and protection by all persons in attendance at the event. The organization may be charged for the cost of necessary extra police or other security personnel retained by the University. The number of such personnel shall be determined by the University on the basis of the nature of the proposed event, the number anticipated to be in attendance, and the past experience of the University with respect to similar events.

If the Chancellor or his/her designee determines that for any reason adequate safety or protection of persons or property at the event cannot be ensured through reasonable security and other precautions, he/she may deny, withdraw, or further qualify permission for the use of facilities at any time.

Scheduling of University events must take precedence over all reservations. The University also reserves the right to cancel this reservation if it conflicts in any way with the policies or regulations of the University regarding meetings on the campus or if it violates any federal, state, or local law. As stated in the General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure, the right is reserved to change this reservation to other rooms with the understanding that, if possible, comparable facilities will be provided when the change is necessary.

SAFETY REGULATIONS: In the interest of personal safety of guests of the University, students, and staff, all reservation for University facilities are approved on the assumption that the facility will not be used in excess of the normal seating capacity and will be used as it is normally equipped. It is further agreed upon that the posted safety and fire prevention regulations will be followed.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE: No food or drink is allowed in the classrooms. The serving and preparation of food and beverages in Campus Unions space other than by Campus Dining Services is prohibited.

SIGNS: All signs, whether directional or informational, must be posted in locations approved by the Campus Unions Reservations Office.

ALTERATIONS OF FACILITIES: Any changes in the facility must be approved by the Campus Unions Reservations Office. Such changes will include, but will not be limited to, the removal, relocation, or addition of equipment, furniture, decorations, or stage properties. Alterations of existing facilities may result in service charges to the Organization using the premises. Requests for such changes will be honored only with the stipulation that organizations will assume necessary costs. Any unauthorized adjustments in the facility will be corrected by the University at the expenses of the organization. Special equipment will be provided with the stipulation that necessary changes will be assumed by the Organization.

DECORATIONS: (a) All combustible decorative material including curtains, scenery, and acoustical material, with the exception of floor covering, will be flame proofed. Materials will be considered flame-proofed if they do not ignite when subjected to the flame produced by burning an ordinary wooden match. (b) Open flames, such as candles or torches, may not be used unless written approval is first obtained from the Campus Unions Reservations Office. If approval is granted, candles used on tables shall be firmly supported in candlesticks and placed well away from combustible materials. It is not permissible to carry lighted candles.

SMOKING REGULATIONS: Smoking is prohibited on the entire campus.

EXITS: All aisles leading to exit doors must be kept clear and unobstructed. During the period of use, no required exit door may be fastened so that the door cannot be opened readily from the inside. Required exitways serving the room shall be adequately lighted at all times during which the room is occupied. No part of an exitway will be used in such a way as to obstruct its use as an exit or to present a fire hazard. Musical instruments, cases, trucks, or props shall not be stored in an exitway or passageway.

EVACUATION: Where evacuation plans have been developed and approved for public functions, the group or organization hereby agrees to pay all expenses associated with the implementation of such plans including hiring, training, and assignment of necessary ushers.

LIABILITY, INSURANCE, AND INDEMNIFICATION: The reserving organization, its officers, and members agree to indemnify and hold harmless the University of Illinois from any expense occasioned by any suit or claim as a result of any injury in tort or contract to any person resulting from the organization’s use of UIC facilities and agrees to furnish the University with insurance protections, if any, required by the University as a condition of said usage.

Non-UIC events require proof of a one million dollar liability insurance policy. Please forward proof of insurance along with this signed agreement to the address on your invoice at least two weeks before your event is to be held.