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Midterm Grades

Midterm grades for students in 000 and 100 level courses

The Committee of Associate and Assistant Deans are requesting that Instructors in 000 and 100 level courses evaluate student performance by midterm.  Midterm grades will be collected for students enrolled in 000 and 100 level courses.  These grades are not recorded on the student's permanent record and are advisory grades used for counseling purposes.

Midterm Grades

Processing Schedule

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Midterm Grade Entry Instructions

In order to access the Self-Service System ALL faculty members must establish an Enterprise ID. For instructions, go the, select Student & Faculty Self-Service and follow instructions for first-time users.

  1. Log in to and proceed to Mid-Term and Final Grading on the lower left hand column of choices.
  2. Be certain that Midterm Grades are selected at the option in the upper left hand of the page.
  3. If the CRN is not displayed, contact your department.
  4. To assign a grade for individual students, use the drop-down box that appears in the Grade column. Only applicable grades will be displayed in the drop-down box.
  5. A spreadsheet of grades can also be loaded.  Click on the Tools pull down menu at the upper right of the page and follow instructions. See for help and instructions.
  6. To submit grades hit the SAVE button.
  7. You will have the ability to edit and/or correct grades you have already submitted through the Self-Service system up until the the Office of the Registrar published grade deadline.
  8. Repeat steps to enter grades for each course you are teaching.
  9. You will NOT be able to view midterm grades submitted for your students AFTER the submission deadline. Select the Tools menu in the upper right hand of the page to Export a copy of all grades submitted for your records.

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Helpful Information

Midterm grades not submitted by the deadline will not display on the college and departmental advising reports.

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Midterm Grade Reports

Three new view direct reports will be available for college and department staff:

Midterm Grades (SR2MGRA01B)

This student grade report will list all courses and midterm grades (if submitted) for ALL students in 000 and 100 level courses.  Data elements include:  student's name, UIN, phone number, email, mailing address, department/major, course subject, number, section, campus, course title, grade, credit hours, earned hours, attempted hours, GPA hours and midterm GPA.  This report will be indexed by college and sorted alphabetically by student.

Midterm Grades Below C (SR2MGRA02B)

This report is a subset of the population of students in the Midterm Grades report listed above.  Only students who received at least one midterm grade below a C will be included in this report.

Midterm Grades Below C Data (SR2MGRA03B)

This is a downloadable data version of the Report of Grades Below C.  Select demographic and GPA data elements will be included in this report.

Midterm grade queries are available in the Decision Support Solutions Library

See Mid-Term Grades Student Solution Library

Security Access

Users with Banner access to view registration records will have access to these reports. If you are unable to retrieve these reports in ViewDirect or if you need access to Banner forms, please contact your Unit Security Contact (USC) to obtain access. 
See  for a listing of Unit Security Contacts.

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Last updated on March 2, 2017