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Mid-Term Grade Entry Instructions

In order to access the Self-Service System ALL faculty members must establish an Enterprise ID. For instructions, go the, select Student & Faculty Self-Service and follow instructions for first-time users.

  1. Select or type the following link to the Self-Service System on your browser
  2. Select the link Student & Faculty Self-Service.
  3. Select the link University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).
  4. Use your Enterprise ID to log in. You must be either a primary or secondary instructor assigned to a specific class (with a distinct Course Reference Number, or CRN) in order to access class rosters and enter grades via the web.
  5. Select Faculty & Advisor Services.
  6. Select Faculty Services.
  7. Select Mid-Term Grade Entry.
  8. Select a specific term and a specific class section to begin grade entry. You will not be able to access the class list if there are no students for whom midterm grades should be submitted.
  9. If the CRN is not displayed, contact your department.
  10. Only the students who need to be graded will be listed alphabetically with their University Identification Number, number of credit hours enrolled, and registration status.
  11. To assign a grade for individual students, use the drop-down box that appears in the Grade column.  Only applicable grades will be displayed in the drop-down box.
  12. To save the grades you have entered, select the Submit button (it is recommended that you submit/save your grades often, it is not necessary to enter and submit grades all at once).
  13. You will have the ability to edit and/or correct grades you have already submitted through the Self-Service system up until the the Office of the Registrar published grade deadline.
  14. Repeat steps 8 through 12 to enter grades for each course you are teaching.

You will NOT be able to view mid-term grades submitted for your students AFTER the submission deadline. Select Class List Summary and use your web browser print options.  The Printable Class List – Summary ONLY displays FINAL grades.