Grading System

Grade Equivalent Grade Points per Hour
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Poor but passing 1
F Failure 0

Honors Grading

Grade Equivalent
AH Excellent
BH Good
SH Satisfactory

Other Grade Symbols

(Not included in computation of grade point average)

Grade Equivalent
W Withdrawn
DFR Deferred
NR Not Reported
S Satisfactory
S* Satisfactory
CR Credit
NC No Credit
I Incomplete
W - Withdrawn. Withdrawn from course without penalty (no grade).
DFR - Deferred. Grade deferred (graduate courses, independent study courses, and certain study-abroad courses only).
S - Satisfactory; U - Unsatisfactory. Used in graduate thesis research courses and graduate courses given for zero credit.
S* - Satisfactory; U - Unsatisfactory. Used in Academic Preparation Courses (001-099)
CR - Credit; NC - No Credit.Used only in courses taken under credit/no credit option.
NR - Not Reported. Missing grade. This symbol is automatically generated when, for a variety of reasons, no grade is submitted by the instructor.
I - Incomplete. Course work is incomplete when a student fails to submit all required assignments or is absent from the final examination. Incomplete course work will normally result in a failing grade if it is not completed within the designated time limit. The "I" may be assigned in lieu of a grade only when all of the following conditions are met: (a) the student has been making satisfactory progress in the course; (b) the student is unable to complete all course work due to unusual circumstances that are beyond personal control and are acceptable to the instructor; and (c) the student presents these reasons prior to the time that the final grade roster is due.

The instructor must submit an Incomplete report with the final grade roster for the "I" to be recorded. This report is a contract for the student to complete the course work with that instructor or one designated by the department executive officer in the way described and by a time indicated on the report. In resolving the "I," the student may not register for the course a second time, but must follow the procedures detailed on the report.

An "I" must be removed by the end of the student's first semester or summer session in residence subsequent to the incurrence of the "I" or, if not in residence, no later than one calendar year subsequent to the incurrence. When the student submits the work, the instructor will grade it and change the "I" to the appropriate grade.

If an undergraduate fails to meet the stated conditions, the instructor will assign an "F" for the final grade.

College of Medicine Grading System

The College of Medicine has unique grading symbols that have varied over time. Please see the College of Medicine Addendum to Transcript Explanation PDF document that conveys the College of Medicine grading system.

Courses - First and Second Year, and Basic Medical Science Courses

O - Outstanding
S - Satisfactory
U - Unsatisfactory
P - Credit by Proficency Examination
NG - Non-graded Experience
I - Incomplete
Exceptions - Effective 1997 - Chicago M-1 and M-2 Courses "Essentials of Clinical Medicine" and effective 1995 Rockford M-2 course "Family Medicine Preclinical Experience" and effective 1989 All Urbana M-2 spring semester Courses all use third year core clerkship grades (O,ADV,PR & U)

New grading system for M1 and M2 students (Fall 2017)

The new grading system for M1 and M2 students as of Fall 2017 is provided below:

P - Pass
F - Fail
U - Unsatisfactory
NG - Non-graded Experience
I - Incomplete

Courses - Third and Fourth Year Clinical Courses

O - Outstanding: Student achieved all of the objectives and excelled in all areas
ADV - Advanced: Student especially proficient but not consistently outstanding in knowledge, skill and performance.
PR - Proficient: Performance may be outstanding at times and is, in general, within the range expected for a competent medical school graduate.
I - Incomplete: Student has not met all required clerkship activities due to illness; leave of absence.
U - Unsatisfactory: Student has not met all of the departmental requirements for successful completion of the clerkship and further is judged to be beyond remediation.
DFR - Deferred Grade
NG - Non-graded Experience

Speciality Course Rotations - Chicago Campus Only

HON - Honors
PR - Proficient
U - Unsatisfactory