Registration FAQ

Where can I view the holds on my records?

Log in to   Click on the Academics link located on the Welcome page.  Select the Registration link and you will see a link for View Holds.

Where do I submit transcripts from another institution?

Any transcripts from your high school or another college/university must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.

I am unable to establish my Netid in  Why?

It is possible that your social security number is not on file or that your date of birth has been incorrectly entered.  Contact the Registration Office to verify your demographic information.

Why am I being billed non-resident tuition?

Your residency status is determined by the Office of Admissions upon acceptance into the University.  If you want to petition for a change of residency status take a look at the residency requirements and submit a residency petition to the Office of Admissions.

How do I read my schedule?

When looking at the course offerings in both Student Self-Service and the Schedule of Classes you will see that the days of the week a course meets are indicated by a one-letter character.  For example, a course that meets two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, will be designated by a “TR.”  M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday.

How can I make changes to my schedule when I have a hold on my record?

During the online add/drop period any holds that are on your record that will affect your registration ability need to be handled in that individual department.  If you have a “Financial Hold” on your account and you need to drop a class you can contact the Student Financial Services Office (312-996-8574) for instructions.  After the online add/drop registration period has ended any changes that you need to make must be initiated in your college regardless of whether or not there is a hold on your record.

How is my tuition going to be affected if I withdraw from a course?

During the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters, the first three days of Summer Session 1 and the first week of Summer Session 2 your tuition will adjust itself on a semi-weekly basis as you make changes to your schedule that result in a range changeAfter the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters, the first three days of Summer Session 1 and the first week of Summer Session 2, once the online add/drop period has concluded, any withdrawals from a course result in a grade of W being issued and the tuition will not change.

What is my Registration Time Ticket?

Your registration Time Ticket is the day and time your can begin registering for classes. This time ticket is calculated by the number of hours you have completed toward your undergraduate or graduate degree.

I accidentally submitted the Withdraw from Term/Cancel Registration request online. Now I can’t add any classes to my schedule. What do I do?

You must submit a Reinstatement Request form online. You must log in to Student Self-Service and you will find the form in the Registration section under the link Registration Eligibility.  Or you can find a link for the Reinstatement Request at the bottom of the Registration Instructions page.

I am trying to drop all my classes but the Registration System will not let me. What should I do?

If you are trying to drop all your classes because you are not going to be attending UIC, you must drop all but one of your courses online and then submit the Cancel Registration online.

I am trying to register for a course and I am getting a Link Error Message. What am I doing wrong?

Any time you receive a Link Error it is because the course for which you are trying to register has multiple sections that need to be added simultaneously (i.e.  Lecture/Lab).

Why do I have to pay for the CTA U-Pass? I drive to campus.

The Board of Trustees approved the U-PASS Program and nonrefundable CTA transportation fee for students after a recommendation from the campus based upon significant student input, including 2 referenda. It is not optional. Full time (12 or more hours) undergraduate, full time (9 or more hours) graduate, and full time (12 or more hours) professional students are assessed a transportation fee for the CTA U Pass. More information about the CTA U-Pass can be found here.

I have my own health insurance; can I waive the CampusCare health Insurance?

Yes, please visit the CampusCare Website for more information.

I haven’t completed any courses at UIC for two consecutive semesters. Do I have to reapply if I want to register for classes?

Yes, anytime a student misses more than one semester (excluding summer) he/she must reapply to the University and be accepted in order to register for classes.

Can I register for classes over the phone or in person?

No, registration only takes place online.  Accommodations are made for persons with disabilities.  Contact the Disability Resource Center for further information or assistance.

My name changed and I need to update it in my University record. What is the procedure?

As long as you are not a current employee of UIC or been employed by UIC in the last 18 months you can update your name in the Registrar’s Office.  Please bring a copy of the legal documentation (marriage certificate, divorce decree, Social security card or court order) that proves you changed your name, and copy of your drivers license, state ID, or passport with your requested name reflected on that chosen piece of identification.

How long are things like my netID, school email and access to my.UIC good for after I cease to enroll in classes?

When a student ceases to enroll in classes, access to services for their netid continues throughout a grace period as follows:

  • For students whose last enrolled term is in the Fall, the grace period
    ends on November 30 of the following calendar year.
  • For students whose last enrolled term is in the Spring or Summer, the
    grace period ends on July 1 of the following calendar year.

Services that continue throughout the grace period include email delivery, access to the my.UIC Portal, ACCC accounts, and general authentication through the netid and common password.

Accounts are deleted at the end of the grace period. Notification of the upcoming account deletion date is emailed to each student well in advance, following the registration deadline of the first term during which they are not enrolled. Students who resume enrollment before the end of the grace period will have their affiliations automatically renewed and will not experience account deletion.

Where is the Registrar’s Office?

We are located in the Student Services Building, 1200 West Harrison Street, at the corner of Racine and Harrison, across from the UIC Pavilion.  We are down the hall from the Admissions Office on the ground floor, suite 1200.  We are served by the CTA Blue line, and the 7, 60, and 126 CTA buses.  Fee based parking is available as well.

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