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Refund Schedules

Pro Rata Refund Schedule

Depending on the date of withdrawal students may be eligible to receive 100% refund or a prorated refund of the billed tuition and fees.

Prorated refunds are only issued if the student is withdrawn from ALL of their courses he/she is enrolled in for the term. This includes any Part of Term A, Part of Term B, Full Term, Summer Session One or Summer Session Two classes.

If the student is seeking a 100% refund for dropping an individual Full term, Part of Term A/B or Summer Session One/Two class, while still remaining enrolled in other courses they must do so during the add or drop periods. If it is past the 100% refund deadline the student will not be eligible to receive a prorated refund. Please follow the hyperlink for more information about policies and procedures for dropping an individual course.

Please see below for Full Term, Part of Term A, Part of Term B, Summer Session One or Summer Session Two refund deadlines.

Cancellation 100% Refund

If a student decides not to attend UIC and has registered for classes they must properly cancel their registration in order to avoid being billed for tuition and fees. During the add/drop periods students can request to cancel their registration through their Student Self Service Account and receive 100% refund.

Deadline to Receive 100% Refund

SemesterAdd/Drop a Class or Cancel / Withdraw from ALL classes
Fall/Spring Full 16 week classes 2nd Friday
Fall/Spring Part of Term A (8 week course)1st Friday
Fall/Spring Part of Term B (8 week course)1st Friday
Summer Session One (4 week session)1st Wednesday
Summer Session Two (8 week session)1st Friday
Summer 2022 – POT 1 (12 Week Term)2nd Friday
Summer 2022 – POT S1 (Online 8 Week Term)1st Friday

Please click here to find out how to withdraw from the university past the deadline.

Fees charged if you withdraw or cancel your registration from UIC after the tenth day of school:

  • $50 Pro Administrative Fee
  • $50 Campus Care Student Health Insurance (if insurance was not previously waived)

Please note that all housing, library, parking or other miscellaneous charges are the responsibility of the student and are not refunded according the schedule listed here for tuition, fees and assessments. Students are advised to check their balance via or Contact University Bursar by phone 312.996.8574 or by email at to review balances following a cancellation of registration or a withdrawal from enrollment.

The Health Service and Health Insurance Fees are nonrefundable

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Earlier Refund Schedules

Last Updated: October 05, 2022

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