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Explanation of Tuition and Fees

The following UIC Student Fees are assessed upon enrollment:

Tuition Ranges

Tuition assessment is based upon student level, residency status, curriculum/college and total number of hours enrolled for the term. The total hours enrolled determines the Tuition Range as follows:

 Fall and Spring TermsSummer Term (a total of both Summer Sessions 1 and 2)
Range I12 or more hours6 or more hours
Range II6 to 11 hours3 to 5 hours
Range III1 to 5 hours1 to 2 hours
Range IVZero hoursZero hours

Students admitted to online programs will be assessed per credit hour “eTuition”.

Information regarding Undergraduate Guaranteed Tuition.

Summer Session

Students enrolled in summer term courses between 1-8 hours will be assessed on a per credit hour basis. Student enrolled with more than 9 credit hours will have tuition, differentials, fees and assessments capped. For more information, please visit the Registrar’s website.

Guaranteed Tuition

Guaranteed tuition locks in your tuition amount for four years. See more information regarding undergraduate guaranteed tuition.

Current and Historical Tuition Tables

View more information regarding current and historical tuition and fee amounts.


The following UIC Student Fees are assessed upon enrollment:

Service Fee

This fee supports staff salaries, programming, general operating expenses, and some student financial aid such as athletics and other scholarships (e.g. student travel scholarships and student research scholarships), student awards and prizes, waivers and honorariums for the following student service areas: Student Centers, Intercollegiate Athletics, Student Leadership Programs, Student Legal and Ombudsperson Services, Student Government, and student services at Rockford, Peoria and Quad Cities. The fee is mandatory.

General Fee

This fee supports the fixed costs, such as utilities, of operating fee-supported facilities on campus including: Student Centers, Campus Recreation, Campus Housing, the UIC Pavilion, the UIC Forum and the Flames Athletics Center. It also supports some need-based student financial aid as approved in the undergraduate financial aid policy and guidelines. The fee is mandatory.

*Note: in Summer 2021, the General Fee is assessed to students to support ongoing maintenance and programming of student support infrastructure listed above.  Although Summer 2021 offerings are online, UIC is committed to continuing its mission to serve students in an on campus setting in the future and the General Fee is critical to maintaining the UIC student experience.

Health Service Fee

This fee supports staff salaries, programming and general operating expenses for the campus health service providers: Family Practice/Student Health Center, the Counseling Center, the Wellness Center and pharmacy services. The fee is mandatory.

Student Health Insurance Fee

This fee provides health insurance that is mandatory for students. The fee is assessed on all students who enroll but may be waived for those who can demonstrate equivalent health insurance coverage. However, it is refundable each term upon a request made to Student Accounts Receivable prior to the change deadline for CampusCare Student Health Insurance.

Student-to-Student Fee

This fee provides financial support to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate high financial need. The fee is mandatory and is assessed each term. However, it is refundable each term upon a request made to Student Accounts Receivable prior to the deadline.

Sustainability Fee

This fee was proposed by students to assist the University of Illinois Chicago in aligning its operations and academics with the principles of sustainability. It was fully discussed with and unanimously endorsed by the Student Fee Advisory Committee. A student-led committee, supported by faculty and staff, will make the allocation decisions for student-driven initiatives. However, it is refundable each term upon a request made to Student Accounts Receivable prior to the deadline.

Transportation Fee – CTA U Pass

Full time (12 or more hours) undergraduate, full time (9 or more hours) graduate, and full time (12 or more hours) professional students are assessed a transportation fee for the CTA U Pass.

College of Medicine Disability Insurance Fee

This fee, assessed once a year in fall, covers the cost of disability insurance which ensures a student has a source of income should they become disabled during medical school.  In the event a medicine student loses their ability to practice medicine in the future, this insurance also provides income to offset the financial loss.

International Student Fee

The university has approved an international student fee for all international students attending UIC.  The fee will allow the Office of International Services to continue to provide essential services, upgrade technologies used for student advising, increase programming options, and host cultural events to increase and expand upon the “UIC Experience.”  Note that this fee applies to any international students who are properly enrolled in all online instruction.

New Student Fee

This fee supports the Office of New Student and Family Programs in provision of transitional programs including new student orientation, welcome activities, and other services.


Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment

The Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment (AFMFA) is assessed to all undergraduates, graduate, and professional students to address the deferred maintenance backlog in academic facilities.

Library and Information Technology Assessment

In order to generate resources to improve the learning environment, a Library and Information Technology Assessment is charged to all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Clinic Infrastructure Assessment

In order to generate resources to improve the learning environment, ensure the availability of contemporary technology, and support clinical patient care learning experiences, the Clinic Education Fee has been replaced with a Clinic Infrastructure Assessment (CIA).  The CIA is assessed to students in the DDS, DMD and IDDP programs at the rate in effect for each specific group/class at time of matriculation.

Payment Obligation

Registration via the UIC portal of or any other recognized method of enrollment obligates a student to pay all applicable tuition and fees for the term. By registering for classes, you assume academic and financial responsibility for confirmed courses resulting from your registration and responsibility for any additional costs that may result from the University’s efforts to obtain payment.

Your obligation remains unless you officially cancel your enrollment by the refund schedule deadlines.

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice any time prior to the first day of instruction.

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