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Special Enrollment Categories—Visitors/Auditors

Enrolled students or visitors wishing to attend meetings of a course without earning academic credit may request to audit a course. Those who seek to audit a course and are not presently UIC students, staff, or faculty must gain admission as graduate non-degree students. Tuition and fees will apply at the applicable level for graduate non-degree registration as an auditor.

Because the courses offered by the University of Illinois at Chicago are primarily intended for students registering for academic credit, visitors may request to audit only during the late add/drop period. The privilege of attending classes as an auditor/visitor is granted on a space-available basis on or after the first day of instruction. Auditing requires the approval of the course instructor and the dean of the college offering the course, and must be completed no later than the last day of late add/drop period. The instructor or dean may refuse to permit the auditing of a course.

Degree-seeking students considering the audit option should discuss it with their academic advisers to determine if it is the best choice, or if another grading option, such as credit/no credit, may be more appropriate.

Courses taken for audit do not apply toward any academic degree and do not count as part of a student’s full-time or part-time course load for purposes of financial aid, loan deferments, athletic eligibility, or fulfillment of the enrollment residence requirement.


The following requirements and conditions apply:


Those interested in auditing must complete the following procedure:

Please note: if you are a continuing student at UIC you should not register for any course that you would like to audit.

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