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Policies and Procedures Regarding Undergraduate Students Leaving for and Returning from Military Service

Students who have been called to Military service or who anticipate being called are entitled to certain rights as defined by the University Senate. Students withdrawing for Military service can do so quickly and easily and will know what steps are required to reenroll at the end of their deployment. Students begin the process of withdrawing from or returning to UIC with the offices described below that have designated staff to work with students leaving for Military service and returning veterans.

Office of the Registrar
Student Services Building Room 1200
1200 West Harrison Street

The Veteran’s Registration Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar coordinates the formal withdrawal from the university and classes, tuition and fee refunds, and health insurance options; coordinates with academic departments on issues of grades and graduation; and activates a student’s enrollment upon return to the university.  All students withdrawing from or returning to UIC from Military service must meet with the Veteran’s Registration Coordinator. Students should bring their activation orders or other official notification with them to their appointment.

Student Veteran Affairs
Office of the Dean of Students
Student Services Building Suite 3030
1200 W. Harrison
312 996-4857

Student Veteran Affairs, housed in the Office of the Dean of Students, assists students receiving educational benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs.  All students receiving benefits at the time of deployment must with the  Assistant Director of Student Veteran Affairs prior to deployment.  All returning veterans must meet with Student Veteran Affairs staff for education benefits counseling.

Undergraduate Students Withdrawing from UIC to Enter Military Service

  1. Are entitled to withdraw without penalty and without academic credit, and receive a full refund of tuition and fees. OR
  2. If withdrawal for deployment occurs upon completion of the 12th week of the semester, undergraduate students are entitled without examination to receive full credit for each course in which they attained a standing of “C” or better at the time of withdrawal.  Students will receive the grade attained in each course at the time of withdrawal. Grades reported below C are recorded as W (withdrawn).  Students using this option are not eligible for a full refund of tuition and fees. Nursing students and other students in majors that have licensing, credentialing or accreditation requirements are not eligible for t his option.
  3. Policy Governing Graduating Seniors
    • A student in his/her last semester of study leading to graduation, who qualifies for full credit upon completion of the twelfth week, or later, of the final semester, may be recommended for the degree at the discretion of the student’s college and major department provided that the following conditions are met:
      1. The student has been in residence at UIC for at least two full semesters (not including the term of withdrawal);
      2. The student has met all requirements for graduation (including minimum scholarship requirements), except for those requirements that the student would fulfill by completing the courses for which he/she is registered at the time of withdrawal during the last term.
    • A senior in good standing who withdraws from the University at any time to enter Military service as a result of state or national emergency, and who does so enter within ten instructional days and who lacks no more than one-sixteenth of the total semester hours required for the degree, may, at the discretion of the student’s college and on approval of the major department concerned, be recommended for such degree. No such student who has acquired hours under the twelfth weeks rule adopted by the Senate, however, shall be considered eligible for this privilege.
    • A “senior in good standing” is meant as one whose progress during University registration has been satisfactory to the administration officers of the student’s college. Among grounds for dissatisfaction might be negligence in meeting requirements or scholastic deficiencies.
    • “At any time” shall be interpreted to mean “during any semester in residence or the interim between semesters.” It is not intended that students who, after these rules are operative, stay out of college for any semester, and who thus do not make continuous progress to their degrees, shall be eligible for the privilege extended in these rules.
  4. Campus housing residents are entitled a prorated refund of room and board charges.

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Undergraduate Students Returning to UIC after Military Service

  1. Returning students must meet with the Veteran’s Registration Coordinator in the Office of Records and Registration and the Veteran’s Affairs Office Coordinator within the Office of Student Financial Aid.
  2. Undergraduate students who have attended classes and withdraw from the university to enter Military service are entitled to a leave of absence for a period of up to five years, and may return to the university without having to apply for readmission.
  3. Students admitted to UIC as first time students, who did not attend any classes before deployment, are entitled to defer their admission for up to 24 months after their return from Military service and may return to the university without having to apply for readmission.
  4. All students returning from Military service will have priority registration.   A returning veteran must check in with the Veteran’s Registration Coordinator in the Office of Records and Registration in order to be granted priority registration.
  5. All students returning from Military service will have priority for on campus housing including the option of temporary campus housing while making a decision about where to live.

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