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Courses & Grades

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Check your Grades

Students may access their grades via my.UIC. At the ‘Academics’ tab, select ‘Records’, and then select ‘View Final Grades’.

Check Your Grades

Calculate your GPA

Understanding your GPA

The GPA reported on your official UIC transcript displays two digits to the right of the decimal point and is truncated, not rounded..

Three different GPAs display on your UIC official transcript:

  1. Term GPA—the GPA for your grades for a single semester
  2. Total Institution—the GPA for all courses completed at UIC
  3. Transfer GPA—the GPA for transfer credit accepted by UIC calculated for each attendance period at institutions previously attended.

Predicting Your Future GPA

  1. For each course, multiply the grade points defined for the grade (e.g., A = 4.00; refer to our explanation of grades) by the number of credit hours for the course (e.g., 3) to calculate your quality points.
  2. Add all quality points.
  3. Add all GPA hours.
  4. Divide the sum of the quality points by the GPA hours


CourseGradeGrade PointsGPA HoursQuality Points
CHEM 102B33(3.00 × 3) = 9.00
CHEM 103A45(4.00 × 5) = 20.00
ECON 100C23(2.00 × 3) = 6.00
MATH 220F01(0.00 × 1) = 0.00

In the example report above, 35 quality points ÷ 12 GPA hours = 2.9166666, giving the student a semester GPA of 2.91.

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