Enrollment, Degree Verification or Course Descriptions

Due to social distancing mandates related to COVID-19, the Office of the Registrar will be Open from 9am-4pm Monday through Friday. Requests may be submitted using the Online Certificate Request Form and will be emailed back to you or a third party.

Do you need to show that you are enrolled, were previously enrolled, or have earned a degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago?

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Certification Request

Alumni, Current Students and Employer, Background screening Firm & 3rd Party Requests may submit certification request online or by mail.

For alumni & students there is a limit of 4 requests per term without a charge being assessed, after the 4th request there will be a $5 charge assessed for each additional form, unless otherwise noted. For request submitted by mail please make check or money order made payable to the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Online Services offered:

  • Current Term Verification* (two options):
    • The University of Illinois has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide enrollment and degree verification information.
    • If more data is required then what is supplied by the NSC then please use the certificate request link below.
  • Prior Term Verification
  • Enrollment History
  • Certification of Education Form ** (Student must upload the form that was supplied to them)
  • Common Application: Transfer Application Form
  • Completion of Requirement Letter
  • Course Descriptions
    $10.00 fee for all academic history or $5.00 for each course
  • Diploma Copy for Medical Licensure Certification** (Student must upload a copy of their diploma)
    Certified copies of diplomas are $5.00 each
  • Degree Letter*** (Degree must already be awarded)


Course Descriptions

Students occasionally need complete descriptions of courses taken at the University of Illinois at Chicago for foreign degree validations or acceptance of credits at another institution. The fee for course descriptions is $10.00 per full academic history or $5.00 for each course.

Please fill out, print, SIGN and send in the course description request form. We accept checks, money orders for payment.

Recent academic bulletins may be found through the Campus catalog website or at the University of Illinois main library archives section.

If the course description supplied in the academic bulletin is not sufficient, please contact the appropriate department for a specific course syllabus.

Certificate Program for Teaching Verifications

The Council on Teacher Education (CTE) processes all requests for verification of completed teacher and school service personnel certificate programs.  Send your “verification form*” to the following address.

The University of Illinois at Chicago
The Council on Teacher Education (CTE)
c/o Coordinator of Certification
1333 S. Halsted St., Suite 205 (m/c 134)
Chicago, Illinois 60607-7133

*When making a request for verification without an institutional form, contact the CTE Office at (312) 355-0714 or by email at sryan27@uic.edu. For a letter to verify coursework beyond your degree, please contact Ana Valenta, (312) 355-0575 or by email at agarci5@uic.edu. Visit the CTE website for information about teacher certification programs.

Residency/Fellowship/Internship Verifications

Students, state agencies of Illinois, or employers needing verification for a students’ residency/ fellowship/ internship may submit the request to the Graduate Medical Education Department.

You may contact them at 312-996-2933 or mail your request to:

Graduate Medical Education (m/c 675)
820 S. Wood RM 100,
Chicago, IL 60612            
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