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Medical Immunization Records

University of Illinois Chicago is partnering with Med+Proctor to submit your immunization record.

Beginning Fall term 2016-2017 on forward, the Illinois Department of Public Health requires that all incoming students born on or after January 1, 1957, who are enrolled for 6 or more credit hours (excluding those in Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy- see below for additional information) present documented proof of immunity (pdf) against the following diseases:

  1. Measles (Rubeola) – two (2) doses at least 28 days apart and on or after 1st birthday
  2. Mumps – two (2) doses at least 28 days apart and on or after 1st birthday
  3. Rubella (German Measles) – two (2) doses at least 28 days apart and on or after 1st birthday
  4. TD (Tetanus and Diphtheria) – latest dose must have been given within the past 10 years
  5. Meningitis – Required for students under the age of 22 – Must be given on or after 16th birthday

Health Science Colleges:

Note: Students within the below listed Health Science Colleges are required to provide a copy of their immunization record to their college/program. These documents must be submitted directly to the student’s college and not through Med+Proctor.

To check any requirements that your college/program may require,  please visit their page by clicking on your college below.

How to Comply via Med+Proctor

  1. Visit the Med+Proctor website directly or via
  2. Click “Register” and use your UIC email address to create either a standard Med+Proctor account or a Med+Proctor Pro account.
    • With a standard Med+Proctor account (free), you do not retain access to your uploaded immunization documentation. Free processing time for record review is between 24 and 72 hours.
    • With a Med+Proctor Pro account ($10), there is an optional $10 fee for expedited processing. The optional $10 fee also allows for lifetime access to your immunization records from Med+Proctor. If you are submitting records prior to the immunization compliance deadline, the expedited review is not necessary.
  3. Complete required personal information, download the immunization certificate, and follow the directions provided.
  4. Upload a copy of your immunization forms to your Med+Proctor account. Make sure your forms are complete and legible. If you are uploading your own copy of your immunizations instead of the forms provided by Med+Proctor, please be sure it has your medical provider’s office stamp and signature, along with your UIN. Once the immunization forms are received, you will receive an email confirmation.
  5. If more detailed instructions are required, consult the step-by-step guide, Med+Proctor’s Getting Started document, FAQ page or UIC Flyer.
  6. If an exemption is needed, information can be found within our FAQ page.

All immunization documentation must be in English. Med+Proctor is unable to translate documents. If your documents require translation, please use a professional translation service.

Alternative to Med+Proctor:  If you are unable to create a Med+Proctor account or experience issues on Med+Proctor, click here (or the following link) to upload your records:

What are the next steps?

For those who are able to provide immunization records satisfying all requirements, your status will automatically be updated to compliant. No further action is required. You are now considered compliant.

Students who provide records that do not meet the immunization requirements will be prompted to make any corrections. Until all appropriate records have been provided, a student is considered not compliant.

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with this requirement will cause students to be prohibited from registering for future terms. Once a student has completed their immunization compliance on Med+Proctor, the hold on their record should be released if you have one.

If you received a letter for non-compliance and have a hold, click here for information in your letter.

Immunization Hold types:

  • Immunization Tracking
    • The “Immunization Tracking” hold does not prevent registration. Rather, it is used to inform students that your record is not yet compliant. However, students will have an immunization hold placed if you do not submit your immunization records before registration begins for the next term. Student should currently be able to enter the registration system to add/drop courses if you have just the tracking hold.
  • Immunization
    • This immunization hold does prevent registration. If you have this hold, you will not be able to enter the registration system and will not be able to add/drop courses until you submit the required immunization records.

What does my General Compliance status mean:

  • Compliant: Your record is compliant for all required shots
  • Non-Compliant: Your record is non-compliant for all or some of the required immunizations and must submit proof of immunization for the required shot(s) which are shown as non-compliant.
  • Temporarily Compliant: You are in the process of completing the series of required shots (MMR) but must wait the required timeframe before receiving the next required shot.

Where can I obtain a copy of my Immunization Records to submit to UIC?

Seeking a copy of your immunization record you submitted to UIC:

Med Proctor is available 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. central time for assistance and offers a live chat feature at You may also email or visit their FAQ page.

Medical Immunization Records FAQ

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