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Preferred First Name

Students who would like to use a name other than their legal first name are able to enter a preferred first name, update an existing preferred first name, or delete an existing preferred first name through Student Self-Service found at Please review University policy for acceptable uses of a preferred first name.

  • Do NOT enter your legal first name as your preferred first name since that will cause redundant records.
  • Preferred first names will be viewable in the following ways:
    • Students will see both their full legal name and their preferred first name in parentheses throughout Student Self-Service at the top of the pages. Legal First Name will print on diplomas unless a Diploma Name has been set with the Office of the Registrar. Email for details on use of Diploma Name or see
    • Faculty/Instructors/Teaching Assistants will only see a student’s preferred first name, if one exists, and legal last name on class rosters and grade entry. Otherwise, the legal first and last name will appear.  Students should use preferred first name on scantrons, tests, and other items that are handed in since the instructor will see that preferred name on the class roster.
    • Advisors and college administrative staff will see a student’s preferred first name if one has been created by the student in Student Self-Service.
    • Online directories will display the preferred first name, if one exists, and legal last name, otherwise the legal first and last name.
    • University i-cards issued after October 2017 will show the student’s preferred first name, if one exists, and legal last name on the front of the card. The backside of the i-card will display the full legal name in a smaller font. Until i-card includes the preferred name, instructors and proctors may use the i-card UIN, last name information and photo to verify student identity when taking exams.
    • Students who enter or update a preferred first name later than 2 weeks before the start of a semester may not see the preferred first name replicated in some systems for several days.

Contact Registration Services at with questions about preferred first name for students or if your legal name is displaying somewhere it should not.

Preferred First Name FAQ's

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