Medical Immunization Records FAQ

Do I need to submit medical immunization records if I do not live in on-campus housing?
No. Only students living in on-campus housing and who were born on or after January 1, 1957 need to submit the required immunization documentation.
Who can I call with questions about my Medical Immunization Records?
You can call our office Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, central time at (312) 413-0464.
Are faxed documents acceptable?
Yes, records may be faxed to (312) 355-4481.
Make sure your Name and UIN are on the fax.
Can I email my documents?
Yes, records may be e-mailed to
Please include your Name and UIN in the e-mail.
What is the mailing address?
Office of the Registrar, MC 018
University of Illinois at Chicago
Suite 1200 Student Services Building
Chicago, IL 60607-7161
Where is your office located?
We are located in the Student Services Building (SSB), at the corner of Harrison and Racine, across the street from the UIC Pavilion.
How long does it take for my hold to be removed?
Spring Semester: 1-2 business days upon receiving.
Fall Semester: 2-3 business days upon receiving.
How do I know if my hold has been removed?
Your hold status can be checked by logging into  Then at the Academics tab, select Registration and View Holds.
You can call our office Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, central time at (312) 413-0464.
Where can I go to get a shot?
Appointments can be made with:

Outpatient Care Center
1801 W Taylor Street
Fourth Floor
(312) 996-2901

University Village
722 West Maxwell Street
Suite 235
(312) 996-2901

Board of Health Clinic nearest UIC
(MUST be a Chicago Resident)                         
Lower West Side Neighborhood Health Center
1713 South Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 746-5157
How much do shots cost?
Cost depends on a student’s health insurance, contact facility for prices.
Does Campus Care cover the cost of the shot?
Contact facility for prices.
How far back does UIC keep Medical Immunization Records?
UIC has records for students who departed the university from 2004-present.

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